Service offered by JWL

JWL facilitates dedicated contract logistics for several of Australia's largest manufacturers and importers.

We supply and manage the distribution needs, from source to end user, using dedicated fleets tailored to our customers' needs with trained company employed operators.

As an operator of specialised fleets, we continually keep innovation at the forefront of our operations by designing and working with equipment manufacturers to create specialised equipment solutions, including vehicle combinations accredited under the Performance Based Scheme.

All our vehicles are fitted with global positioning devices to enhance customer service. Our satellite tracking system provides many benefits to your business. It can assist as a customer service tool in allowing you to view the location of a delivery vehicle and its proximity to your premises and it allows us to ensure we and our employees are adhering to all regulations. This system provides immediate Internet based access.

Various Key Performance Indicator Reports like Delivery In Full On Time (DIFOT), Inventory Record Accuracy (IRA), and Container Turnaround times can be provided weekly in the format required. Generally, this information is extracted directly from our Logistics Management System and can be reported nationwide, statewide or by site as well as per business unit. JWL’s target for Deliveries in Full and On Time, excluding customer pickups, is to continuously exceed the industry benchmark.